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Puck Charger is almost there!

I redesigned the puck charging stations to include hidden internal voids, or chambers, both to reduce print time and to reduce plastic used.  Here you can see the stations being printed before the chambers (on the ends) are sealed up





Below, you can see all of the parts for the charger: the 4 Puck charging stations, the housing for the charger itself, and the base into which all of the parts fit



You can see that the Puck charging stations and the base are designed with circular holes into which I can place magnets to hold the stations securely in the base (just as I used magnets to attach the Puck tops to the Puck bottoms)



Here we have the charger with its housing, then with the charger inside the housing, and then from underneath.  From the side, you can see a slot to allow the charging wires to exit from the charger








Finally, everything is assembled together into an almost seamless whole, and you can see how the Pucks will fit into their charging slots.  I even remembered to leave enough room for the LED hemisphere to not touch the adjacent Pucks!