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Pod Crazy

We are now on our third or fourth cycle of prototyping Peter’s Pods (  We started out with replaceable batteries, then switched to rechargeables with a charging cord, then to rechargeables with a charging station, and now have upgraded to a power audio amp and three user-replaceable rechargeable batteries.

The new Pods are much larger than the others, partly to be more physically robust, partly to accept the 3 AA batteries required to power them, and partly to provide room for a new power switch and enlarged signal switches and speakers.

This is the underside of the first layer of a Pod as it is being assembled.  Note the wires for the LED coming out of the middle, as well as the switch, speaker, and power switch, already mounted.  The white stuff is silicone caulk, used to ensure that the LED wires do not touch each other.



The next layer provides cavities for the JeeNode Arduino as well as the power amplifier.  Note the printed channels to allow the wires to stay under the surface.



This shows the JeeNode and amplifier wired in place.  Notice the red antenna wire at the left now has a custom cutout so that it can stay inside the Pod, protected from abuse.



The triple AA battery case is then mounted on top of the electronics, to keep them in position.



The third layer is then assembled to enclose the battery case.  A lid is then screwed on top of the batteries, to keep them in place.



The fully assembled Pod has a 3D printed LED lens, power switch, signal switch, and speaker.  The power switch is recessed to avoid accidental triggering.