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Compost Crusher

I was recently commissioned to print all of the parts for a Compost Crusher/Grinder that my customer found on Thingiverse. Here are all of the parts. Took most of a week to print and cost about $300

Casting the Enigma Lock

I was recently asked to produce 3D printed and then cast reproductions of the lock mechanisms for Enigma cipher machines. This describes my first cut at the casting. My experience has been that two part molds do not release well from the casts, so this time I went...

Casting Pot Metal in 3D Printed PLA Molds

One of my customers wanted a prototype of a handle with a metal tang inside. The original thought was to print everything in plastic, but I pointed out that the heft and balance of the prototype would not be realistic. Instead I suggested that we print the handle in...

Hot Plates for Stirling Engines

Open flames are not permitted at the Champlain Maker Fair, and commercial hot plates are difficult to control and unnecessarily large. And I did not make them. So…. I took a page from my friend Ralph Lemnah’s book and purchased some PID temperature controllers off of...