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Camelbak dryer

I have a Camelbak backpack which I use occasionally. After use, I want to dry out the water bag, but being made of soft plastic, it collapses in on itself. I made this drying fixture to help me out. It needed to be longer than I could easily print, so I made two, with...

Headless Guitar Headpieces

Manufacturing parts using [now] traditional CNC often requires that you purchase tens or a hundred parts in order that the per-part price is reasonable. When you need 2 or 3 complex parts, traditional CNC is often not cost effective. I needed to make a few headpieces...

Tiny Lenses

I had a request to print some very tiny lenses as replacements for use in a motorcycle speedometer. Pretty amazing how small and delicate they turned out. They are resting on a paper towel!

Reclining Chair Brake

A customer approached me to ask whether I could design and print replacements for the brakes on their reclining chair. A day later, I had the prototypes ready. The two top parts are the damaged originals. The two on the bottom left and bottom right were printed on my...